K.C. Ross-Miller: Impressions Of A Phenom

3 06 2008


    61 36 74 49 233 399 58 209 235 89 892 27.0
Rebounds Offensive Defensive Total RPG
Season Totals: 35 58 273 8.3
Other Assists APG Steals SPG Blocked Shots BPG Turnovers Personal Fouls Technical Fouls
Season Totals: 389 11.8 179 5.4 32 1.0 31 26 15

Hometown: Dallas, TX
God’s Academy (TX)
Ht: 6’1″ Wt: 170

Ross-Miller was tabbed sometime ago as one of the top prospects from the 2010 class. The kid has a solid understanding of the games nuances and is adept at exploiting them. In 2006 at  the14 & under AAU NationalsRoss-Miller and his Team TG Adidas teammate Jackson Jeffcoat led the team to the championship. Sports Writer Rob Taylor walked away from the tournament with this impression of Ross- Miller:

“I’m not sure that there are many players who have the heart and the determination to win that K.C. Ross-Miller has.  If there was any doubt about Ross-Miller’s value to his team it disappeared when he returned from an ankle injury halfway though the tournament and his team’s performance picked up dramatically. Although Tim Miller’s TG squad had a lot of weapons, the team was not the same when Ross-Miller was out of action.  When he returned, although less than 100%, Ross-Miller went right to work slashing to the basket and drawing fouls.  The kid knows how to win”.

Team Texas, TG’s coach Tim Miller is also a minister. Miller works to round young lives first and talent second. We recently asked Miller, what it was like to have such a profound impact on kids lives.

“This what I strive to do. I am a minister. I try to keep guys focus on life goals and stay away from distractions”.

Coach Miller predicts that this summer the “real” K.C. will be unleashed. With Willie Warren and Rotnei Clarke moving on to the Big 12 and the SEC, K.C. will be the teams anchor. Coach Miller told us that what he expected and what K.C. has been working on.

“The nation has not seen the real KC yet. KC average’s 20 pts and 10 asst. in school ball. When Willie Warren and Rotnei Clarke leave this summer, everyone will see the real KC. He has offensive moves, like Willie Warren and is a great passer. We wanted him just to play defense and let Rotnei and Willie do their thing last year. He’s working on shooting better and playing great on the ball defense.”

College basketball recruiting ethics have recently been brought to the forefront nationally. Most people aren’t fond of the idea of coaches and media contacting and hounding high school freshman and sophomore’s. Shouldn’t the kids who are actually being recruited get a say in this? Ross-Miller committed to UofK as a freshman. We recently asked him about the ever growing trend of kids committing early:

“If that’s what team have to do to win and to put their program back on top, then that’s what they should do. I committed early because, I just felt like this is where I wanna be. Everything is just perfect. I wouldn’t of never committed this early if I wasn’t 100% sure”.

Now that I know, what I do about the kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a coach, teacher or preacher after his basketball career. K.C. was given the nick name “the thriller” sometime ago, and rightfully so. Mr. Miller thrills on and off of the court. K.C. holds his life in the right perspective and it’s clear that morally sound advice has been given to him, by coach Miller and his parents. We seperatlely asked Coach Miller and Ross-Miller, who their respective role models were. The answers were surprisingly similar from the student/athlete and the coach/preacher: 

Coach Miller -“My Grandparents. They are both deceased now but the taught me to be my best in whatever I do.”
Ross-Miller- “My parents because they have been there for me my whole life.”

The impressions thrust upon me by Ross-Miller are that of a solid kid. The student & athlete truly  embraces and absorbs, the values offered to him by parents, coaches and teachers.

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